Why You Should Join Breaking Brand


By: Afreen Miah - Sponsorship Director

Pitch Perfect (now Breaking Brand) will always be one of my fondest experiences in university.

Coming into 1st year, I often wondered, “What in the heck is a case competition? What is MARKETING? How do I even marketing? How can I effectively create and execute a marketing strategy that will differentiate a brand and provide its customers with the utmost value?”. 

Well, participating in Pitch Perfect answered all of my questions, and above all, it allowed me to create valuable memories with a wonderful human:  Monica!!Peav who became one of my best friends here in the land of Schulich!!

Now, Monica and I initially believed that we would need Universal Studios to film our 1-minute pitch. However, this was not the case; it turned out that we could pitch anything and everything, and film it using something as simple as a cell phone camera. Naturally, we decided to pitch our friend Chun-Wah! You can check out our video here:


As silly as the idea was, it allowed Monica and I to have fun while showing our creativity, and we eventually went on to place 3rd in the entire competition. Being in an environment with only 1st years was a great opportunity express our ideas without the fear of judgement, learn about the different aspects of marketing, and gain marvelous case competition skills. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would come to apply the knowledge from Pitch Perfect to many aspects of my Schulich career.

Overall, Pitch Perfect was the best possible way to kick off my 1st year at Schulich as it not only provided me with significant insights into the marketing field and case competitions, but it also gave me a chance to make FUNtastical memories!

To all my 1st years, although the application is slightly different this year, the point of the competition remains: have fun(and learn something while you’re at it)!